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The company has been carbon neutral since 2007.

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Mandatory Greenhouse
gas reporting

The Department of Environmental Affairs has published regulations for mandatory GHG reporting. The purpose of the regulations is to allow the department to gather information from business to assist South Africa to improve its national greenhouse gas inventory. The greenhouse gas figures reported by companies could be used as basis of the carbon tax calculations. Companies that exceed certain activity level thresholds will be required to submit emission data in a prescribed format. The calculations of the emissions must be done in line with technical guideline that will be published with the regulation. Companies should note that the calculation methodologies in the technical guideline differ from the conventional corporate calculation methodologies as per ISO 14064 and the GHG Protocol Corporate Standard.

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energy reporting

The Department of Energy has published draft regulations for mandatory reporting of energy consumption by large energy users. This forms part of their development of an Energy Efficient Monitoring System (EEMS) to track the efficient consumption of energy within South Africa and the trends involved. Companies with annual energy consumption exceeding the threshold of 180 000 gigajoules per year will be required to report on their energy consumption. Companies that exceed 400 000 gigajoules per year will have to submit mandatory energy management plans.

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National Treasury included the use of carbon offsets as a relief mechanism in the proposed tax system. Carbon offsets are carbon credits, generated in South Africa, that can be sold to carbon tax payers to reduce their carbon tax liability. The Department of Energy has developed the administration system for these offsets. These carbon offsets will create an estimated market of between 10 and 20 million tons of CO2 per year, while providing investment for real mitigation projects throughout South Africa.

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