Company History

Promethium Carbon today enjoys the position of being a trusted advisor to major international corporations operating out of South Africa.  We advise our clients on carbon emissions and climate change.  These organisations are gaining global competitive advantage in the fast-emerging global low-carbon economy. Promethium Carbon’s history puts it in an ideal position to help you attain success in the carbon-constrained global business environment.

Promethium Carbon was started in the late 1990’s as a corporate finance consulting company.  By 2003 the decision was taken to refocus the business to environmental finance.  We started doing carbon finance work based on linking the Kyoto Protocol mechanisms to the European Union Emission Trading Scheme even before the Kyoto Protocol came into force.  Promethium Carbon contributed to the establishment of a global carbon market by developing a number of new methodologies on the basis of which projects can be developed under the Clean Development Mechanism of the Kyoto Protocol.

During 2009 the company focus was further developed when we disinvested from all activities that were not focused solely on carbon and climate change. From 2009 onwards Promethium Carbon has been a pure-play carbon company.

Through our history, the prime priority has been to assemble a team with a strong multidisciplinary background.  One can only add value in the carbon space by integrating the technical, commercial and regulatory aspects of a business or project. Promethium Carbon’s success has been built on employing competent people capable of dealing with these complex issues and training them up to become carbon specialists.

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