Achievements: Awards and successful projects

National level

  • Framework for an offset trading platform for the South African Carbon Tax
  • Integrated Energy Plan for South Africa – Technical expert
  • South Africa’s Biennial Update Review – for submission to the UNFCCC
  • Review the South African 2050 emissions pathways calculator
  • Report on Effectiveness of the Swiss International Cooperation in Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation interventions
  • Skills development for Climate and Environment Business – Green Jobs
  • Measurement, Reporting and Verification study for South Africa in preparation of COP17 (Conference of Parties hosted by South Africa)

Company level

Approved United Nations CDM methodologies:

  • Small scale methodology AMS-III.W
  • Small scale methodology AMS-II.K

Revisions of previously registered United Nations CDM methodologies:

  • Revision of small scale methodology AMS-II.D
  • Revision of small scale methodology AMS-I.C
  • Revision of large scale consolidated methodology ACM0017
  • Revision of large scale methodology AM0064

Registered United Nations CDM standalone projects:

  • Fuel switch project on the Gluten 20 dryer of Tongaat Hulett Starch Pty (Ltd), Germiston mill, South Africa
  • The Capture and Utilisation of Methane at the GFI Mining South Africa owned Beatrix Mine in South Africa
  • Installation of energy efficient ventilation fans at South Deep and Beatrix Gold Mines in South Africa
  • Power generation from biogas in Windhoek at Gammams waste water works, Namibia
  • Methane recovery and power generation at Kupferberg landfill, Namibia
  • Use of waste gas at Namakwa Sands in South Africa
  • Hopefield Wind Energy Facility in South Africa
  • Bokpoort CPS (Concentrating Solar Power) Project, South Africa
  • Trigeneration at Mobile Telephone Networks (MTN), 14th Avenue Commercial Site South Africa
  • Olkaria III Phase 2 Geothermal expansion project in Kenya

Registered United Nations CDM Programme of Activities:

  • Solar Energy Programme for South Africa
  • Grid Connected Photovoltaic (PV) Renewable Electricity Generating Facilities
  • South African Wind Power Projects
  • NuPlanet small scale hydropower PoA
  • Trigeneration at commercial facilities

Verifications for United Nations CDM projects for issuance of credits:

  • Olkaria III Phase 2 Geothermal expansion project in Kenya
  • Lawley fuel switch project
  • Tugela Mill Fuel Switching Project (Tugela CFB10 Conversion from Coal to Bark Fired)

Issuance of VCUs under the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS):

  • The Capture and Utilisation of Methane at the GFI Mining South Africa owned Beatrix Mine in South Africa

Carbon disclosure:

  • Consistently assist companies achieving top 10 scoring of the Leadership Index of the CDP
  • Achieved 100% score of carbon strategy on the Dow Jones Sustainability Index for strategy drafted by Promethium
  • 1st place for Scope 3 disclosure in the EIO’s emissions tracking of the BRICS 300, and 3rd place in the Global 800 for disclosure drafted by Promethium


  • European Energy Risk deal of the year award for Emission Reduction Purchase Agreement, 2010, for a transaction advised by Promethium
  • The Star Excellence Award in recognition of outstanding contribution to Africa’s Economic Growth and Development. Awarded in Abu Dhabi during the World Future Energy Summit 2014
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