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Invitation to the Gauteng / National climate change bill consultation Workshop – 16 July 2018

10 July 2018

Dear Stakeholder

The Department of Environmental Affairs, in partnership with the Gauteng Provincial Government, would like to invite you to a national stakeholder consultation workshop to engage the Draft Climate Change Bill.

The overarching premise for the Climate Change Bill is South Africa’s particular vulnerability to the impacts of climate …

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Die rol van herstellende landbou in die bekamping van grondverarming

10 April 2018

Source: Grootplaas

Karien Erasmus van Promethium Carbon gesels oor die impak van klimaatsverandering op grondverarming en hoe die landbousektor kan help om dit te bekamp.

Klik asseblief hier om die video te kyk>>

Industry News

Technical Report: Appraisal of Implementation of Fossil Fuel and Renewable Energy Hybrid Technologies in South Africa

4 April 2018

Executive Summary

In the context of this study, hybridisation is the coupling of a renewable energy technology with an existing fossil fuel technology in order to deliver the same energy service.  Hybridised energy systems are designed to replace, augment or boost conventional fossil fuel technologies with renewable energy technologies.  They …

Resources and Information

Comparison of IEP and IRP modelling systems

4 April 2018

Resources and Information

Appraisal of Implementation of Fossil Fuel and Renewable Energy Hybrid Technologies in South Africa

4 April 2018

Industry News

Trust Seal

4 April 2018

Promethium Carbon developed the carbon footprint calculation as well as the Trust Seal for The “Sustainable Energy Consumption and Production in Agriculture and Integrated Waste Management” Project which ran in South Africa from November 2016 to January 2018.

The purpose of the Trust Seal is to communicate that the greenhouse …

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Carbon Tax in South Africa

24 January 2018

Source: CGTN Africa

CGTN Africa interviewed Mr Robbie Louw, director of Promethium Carbon, after the publication of the second Draft Carbon Tax Bill in December 2017. Please click here to watch the interview.

Please click here to watch the video>>

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Draft National Climate Change Adaptation Strategy

12 January 2018

Source: Department of Environmental Affairs

DEA has published The Draft National Climate Change Adaptation Strategy for public comment.  The closing date for comments is: 31 January 2018.

Draft Adaptation Strategy for Comments – Read more>>

Promethium in the News

Draft Carbon Tax Bill

15 December 2017

Hot off the press!

The South African draft carbon tax bill was published this morning.

Please see the document at

Comments are due by 9 March 2018.…

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Conservation: Carbon Credits

28 November 2017

Source: Classic FM

Harmke Immink, director of Promethium Carbon, talked to Classic FM about Carbon Credits.

Please click here to listen to the interview>>

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Kenner gesels oor klimaatsverandering

26 September 2017

Source: RSG Landbou

Klimaatsverandering is ’n meetbare werklikheid en Suid-Afrika is veral kwesbaar vir die impak daarvan met brande, vloede en droogtes. Karien Erasmus, ’n senior klimaatsveranderingsadviseur by Promethium Carbon, vertel vir Lise Roberts van RSG Landbou meer oor hoe om aan te pas hierby.

Luister nou na die gesprek>>

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Kyk: 26 Julie op Grootplaas

24 August 2017

Source:  AgriOrbit

Karien Erasmus van Promethium Carbon gesels oor klimaatsverandering en die impak daarvan op die landbousektor.

Please click here to watch the video >>

Promethium in the News

Onbruikbare grond skep hernubare energie

23 June 2017

Source:  AgriOrbit

Karien Erasmus, senior klimaatsveranderingsadviseur by Promethium Carbon, gesels met RSG-luisteraars oor ‘n nuwe projek wat onbruikbare grond benut om hernubare energie te ontwikkel.

Kliek hier om na die gesprek te luister >>

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Department of Energy’s request for comments on the revised Standardized Baseline for the Electricity System of Southern Africa

6 June 2017

Dear CDM Stakeholders,

South Africa is poised to introduce a carbon market, as part of the carbon tax system, in early 2018. Electricity based carbon offsets that will be eligible to be traded in this market will be based on a standardised baseline emission factor of the Southern African grid. …

Promethium in the News

Last chance for SA to save credibility on carbon tax

11 May 2017

Source: Natural Gas Daily

South Africa’s plan to introduce a tax of ZAR 120 per ton of carbon dioxide equivalent ($8.92/tCO2e) for greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions is the most developed of the country’s policies to address climate change. However, implementation of the tax has already been delayed twice and if …

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